Invest. Operate. Grow.

Bur Oak is a small permanent equity firm located in Wisconsin. We look to acquire family-owned, strategically positioned businesses in the Midwest.

Our Mission.

We are looking to partner with entrepreneurs, founders and successful business owners who are seeking an opportunity for both liquidity and succession planning. Upon completing an acquisition, Bur Oak will take an active management role in the operations of the business with the intent of maintaining the business’ reputation, brand and legacy in the market.

Unlike the traditional private equity model, Bur Oak looks to provide permanent capital and be long-term owners.

What Makes Bur Oak Different?

We are a fully-committed, local buyer and operator of small businesses. Our goal is to grow businesses and their owners’ legacies for the long term. We do so by providing liquidity, growth capital and day-to-day management. We are not a private equity firm or strategic buyer:

Bur Oak Capital is actively seeking to acquire a high quality business, with a stable track record of profitability greater than $300k EBITDA.